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My video above didn’t tickled you pink?

Maybe I can bedazzle you with my words instead.. wink :)

Most likely than not, you’ve landed on this site after googling SEO Perth right?

If not, you’ve searched for something related to SEO.

aka Search Engine Optimisation 

Well, I hope you didn’t search for fish and chips, ‘cos I ain’t got none!

Jokes aside, throw away the party hat…

I know exactly why you’re here. You want your website visible to the people of Perth looking for your products and/or services.

… You want your phone to ring more

… and your email inbox flooded with enquiries.

More leads and ultimately more revenue for your business. Period!

I hear you. I get you.

Let me begin by asking you this…

What if:

You are fully booked out for the next month or so?

… You could charge 20% more?

… You could say no to small jobs and stop wasting time on tire kickers?

… You could brag to your mates: “I make more than those so called professional sitting in their plush pimped out office sipping on jazzed up coffee!”

Well, stop dreaming. Together, we can fast track your journey to success.

Yup you heard right.. so stop putting up with the other so called SEO consultants’ “chitti chatta” and instead demand results!

You deserve to rake in more revenue for your business.

Imagine tripling your phone calls and email enquiries within a short time..

Good news: it’s all possible. And at the end of this page, you’ll know how.

Hi, my name is Ibi and Local Magnet is my brand.

I’m a self confessed internet marketing addict.

My addiction is your medication… to cure your dry spell in business.

Local Magnet is your local Perth SEO company who cuts out all the magical mumbo jumbo, cumbersome complexity, jazzy jargon and the barbaric bullshit…

…that are normally associated with other so called SEO experts and SEO Services in Perth

“Local Magnet is your local SEO and lead generation expert in Perth”

Well.. that’s how I want my brand to be known as, not to brag.

Enough self promotion, let’s go back to how I can help YOU…

I make awesome websites that make local businesses MONEY!

How is that you might ask?

I Create “Killer Websites” That Pop Up Whenever Someone is Looking For YOUR Service.

Here’s an example:

The website above — — generated an extra 121 calls and 51 emails for my client, Shannan, owner of Crusader Removals, in just one month.

Wouldn’t you like some of that action?!

That was on top of all the other incoming leads he’d built up just being in business the past 10 years.

It’s no wonder he calls me “the Magic Man!”

Funny thing was: he had a website that he paid money for.

And it was doing jack shit for him. How come?

Well, his web designer only focus on making things look pretty.

They don’t understand marketing. And when it comes to getting your website seen? They’re absolutely hopeless… nothing personal.

Whereas, me. Ibi – I ain’t a web designer. Nor am I another one of these big dumb marketing companies… like that one that rhymes with wellow wagers :)

And I surely don’t spend my days cold calling local businesses, talking ’bout “I can get ya ranked in Google.”

No sir/madam.

I’m just a local Perth boy who went to Girrawheen Senior High

.. who took the blue collar attitude my parents taught me whilst growing up… and applied it to the internet.

I’m self-taught, street wise internet marketer…

I’d like to thank my Dad for my competitive “never say die” spirit.

And mum for my desire to help others.

As mentioned before:

I have mastered the art of making your website pop up whenever someone is looking for your service.

Then.. once they visit your website…

I tell ’em, in layman terms, why you’re the best company to use.

And finally, I give ’em a reason to pick up the phone or send an email and request a quote right away.

As you might imagine, a “sales snowball” begins to build, picking up speed by the day.

Because I only work for one company per niche in Perth;

.. and mastermind everything myself;

.. and cut no corner;

.. no stones left unturned;

.. know the ins and outs of online marketing…

Don’t you think I’m the best man for the job?

The job to make YOU a SUCCESS…

Well, I certainly think so.. just ask my mum. Wink :)

Remember the example I gave before… the removalists?

Well, Shannan is now:

… hiring more employees

… saying no to small jobs – he’s now got a minimum before he sends a truck out on the road.


Let’s talk about YOU

You’ve worked hard your whole life – isn’t it time to stop and ENJOY life?

Anyways, here’s the deal:

I’m Ready To Help You Achieve Success, Are You?

I’ve helped Shannan and many other local business in Perth.

Now it’s your turn…

If you’re a local Perth business owner, than I can grow your business like never before!

I don’t say it lightly, so buckle up, sit back and get ready for the most awesome and invigorating ride of your life.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in…

…whether you’re a roofer, a carpenter, limo hire company, electrician, dentist, locksmith, removalist.. pretty much anything!

I can help!

I’ll be rinsing and repeating what I did for Shannan…

.. only for YOUR NICHE.

Just think – I could help you:

… Realise the fortune that’s been hidden, online, in your business.

… Fire your worthless web guy and work with someone who actually cares about YOUR business and start seeing results

… Say goodbye to the stress of not having enough customers

… Show these white collar snobs and corporate clones how a real man makes money

Then say to the Joneses: “Keep up with me (if you can)!)

Wake up each morning calm, happy and proud of the success that you are.

Can you see yourself living the high life?

All of the above is POSSIBLE. It is all about taking action!

The right action…

So… whatcha think?

Are YOU in?

All I can say is.. if you’re not. Then your competitor will be. Do you really want that?!

Thought so…

Either way, I wish you lots of luck. Although, you won’t need luck with me in your corner :)


Ibi (the guy who gets Perth business owners excited about business)

P.S. – Here’s a pic of my kids and I, just so you can put a face to the words.. sorry wifey didn’t allow me to post a pic with her in it :)

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Still not convinced?


Here’s five big gigantic reasons to why you should hire me to grow your business:

1. I’m Local!

Local Magnet is as local as you can get! The owner (myself Ibi) permanently reside in Perth and eat, live and breath everything Perth.

You can actually see and touch me (in a non creepy way!) in person. I’m here to stay and won’t be going anywhere.

Heck, I’ll even shout you coffee if you want us to prove that I’m the real deal.

Deal with someone local like me and you’d be getting the best personalised service that money can buy. Period!

2. My SEO actually.. WORKS!

Yep, you heard right. My SEO strategy actually works.

I will get your phone to ring more and your email inbox flooded with enquiries.

So don’t believe the empty promises by others and get magnetised from our local lead generation services!

3. I’m transparent!

I won’t hide anything from you.

I will explain to you in layman terms on how the process works from A to Z. That way, you know exactly what you’re spending your hard earned money on.

I believe in educating my clients the ins and outs of modern SEO (not some old school stuff that flat out won’t work and might even get you penalised…

…uh oh we don’t wan’t that to happen.. do we?). By understanding SEO, you can truly appreciate the real value in your investment.

4. References from real clients!

I can walk the walk and talk the talk. But don’t take it from me, instead why don’t you read up about the testimonials from my awesome clients.

They’d be very happy to share the success and growth they had by using my services.

From your local roofer to your local landscaper and everything in between… I will over deliver like a full to the brim milo shake! Geez, I know how happy that will make you feel!

5. Many extras included!

When you sign up with me/Local Magnet. You become part of the family.

I will look after you just like I would look after my very own parents, kids and BFF.

My aim is simple.. grow your business by bringing in more leads by means of online marketing.

I will analyse every aspects of online marketing to generate you quality and laser targeted leads. The only thing you have to worry about is closing those leads!

So enough of me rambling on… time for you to do the right thing and take action! Contact me. The sooner you start the process, the sooner your phone will start to ring!

Comprehendo? Good! Let me sprinkle our magic dust and apply my supremo, shagadelic and superb SEO sauce and watch your business explode!

Call Ibi on (08) 9468 8045 or fill in the form on this page.

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